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Kelvin Hughes Limited

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Key Sector : Defence, ICT (Information and Communications Technology)


An independently owned and managed company, with a proud 100 year+ heritage of leading technological and service innovation, serving the world providing radar-based navigation and surveillance systems, for marine, coastal surveillance and land border protection

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Kelvin Hughes Surveillance is a global radar system solution provider meeting the surveillance, safety, and security needs of the world’s navies, coastal and border operators, and security patrols. We provide surveillance and navigation systems to 30 of the world’s navies, and are continuously growing our market strengths with international ports, coastal borders, and critical infrastructures operators.

The product portfolio has a strong heritage in the naval market with magnetron radars and in recent year’s reinvented marine radar with SharpEye™ solid state sensors. Providing solutions such as integrated bridge systems for the naval market which include the Naval MantaDigital™ widescreen display and tactical software, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) radars to ports and radar systems for coastal surveillance and land border protection a Kelvin Hughes Surveillance radar is the primary tool for developing a situational awareness capability for mission delivery at sea, onshore or on land.

We address any application requiring real time situational awareness from the use of solid state and magnetron radar for short and long range detection including naval, coast guard, waterborne military and paramilitary, littoral zone such as VTS, coastal surveillance and offshore infrastructure, border and homeland security, critical infrastructure, special forces, army, safety and environmental (bird strike and airport surface movement radar).

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Address : Voltage, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, EN3 7XQ,UK
Phone : +44(0)1992 805 200
Mobile : +44(0)7748 146 523
Fax : +44(0)1992 805 310
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Primary Contact Person : Clive Corris, Director of Commercial Affairs
Secondary Contact Person : Jonathan Field, Director, Security Sensors & Systems