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Tatiana Bhai, Independent Business Member

Key Sector : PR, Marketing and Communications


Specialist in marketing, communications, media management and resolution of public relations issues while offering integrated oversight and fine tuning of content and style of all aspects of client communication from presentations to official letters and website management.  

Company Profile

Having conducted four research projects in Libya over 2006-2013, Ms Bhai is fully acquainted with the ideal local and international marketing strategies for both Libyan public and private sector companies, and international players operating in the Libyan market with particular emphasis on the non-oil economy.  

Ms.Bhai will be offering her specialist corporate communications and media management expertise to such institutions, companies and individuals, further to her upcoming completion of a 3 year historical research project on Libya. 

As an added advantage, Ms Bhai’s knowledge of the Libyan economy and local requirements allow her a unique vantage point from which to offer consultancy to allow Libya watchers in the international business community to assess win-win partnerships through which they may add value to the Libyan economy via importation of their skills and expertise, across the Libyan market and contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

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Primary Contact Person : Tatiana Bhai