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Zander Corporation Ltd

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Key Sector : Agriculture, Environment


Zander  Corporation is an agricultural technology company specialising in the restoration of marginal and desertified lands by delivering high quality sustainable products and technologies that create a living soil.

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Zander Corporation is committed to the creation of living soils. Its range of products and its technology has revolutionised  the restoration of vegetation and cultivation of crops, trees and shrubs in  arid, desertified land that is often saline in nature. It has carried out work in the Gulf region, North Africa and southern Spain. It had a contract with the former Libyan Government to establish a large nursery outside Tripoli and then plant out for the formation of new ground cover in the way of forestry in three regions of Libya.

Its products and technology can be employed in large landscaping projects thus reducing the irrigation required on those projects.

Zander is dedicated to creating living soils and is engaged in agricultural, horticultural, forestry and ecological restoration projects across the world.

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Address : Manor House, Mells, Somerset, BA 11 3PN, UK
Phone : + 44 (0)7976252438
Mobile : + 44 (0) 7976252438
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Primary Contact Person : John Carter