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Key Sector : Water


British Water is the lead trade association for the supply chain of the UK water and wastewater industry.

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British Water is the lead trade organisation for the UK water and wastewater industry. Our members include consultants, contractors, manufacturers, specialist suppliers, law firms and academic institutions representing the diverse range of companies within the water industry.

Member companies of British Water deliver custom-made solutions to all technical, financial, legal or administrative specifications in water-related projects. Building on more than 150 years’ experience in managing water supplies and providing wastewater treatment, skills include: water and wastewater treatment; regulation; investment and risk management; asset management; project delivery; legal and contractual negotiations; specialist training and research; procurement of high-quality plant and equipment; and operational efficiency.

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Address : 1 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9BT, UK
Phone : +44(0)207 957 4554
Fax : +44(0)207 957 4565
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Primary Contact Person : Lila Webley, International Director