Council Members

Application Form for New LBBC Members

If you are interested in applying for LBBC membership now, please fill in this form and press submit. Please choose from the drop-down menu which type of membership you are applying for – there are now SIX options:

  1. Council Membership for UK-based companies and organisations @ £1500 per year (excl VAT)
  2. Corporate Membership for UK-based companies and organisations @ £500 per year (excl VAT).
  3. Membership for UK-based sole traders or independent business people @ £250 per year (excl VAT).
  4. Membership for universities and higher education institutions @ £250 per year (excl VAT).
  5. Council Membership for Libya-registered companies and organisations @ LYD 1500 per year (zero-rated VAT)
  6. Corporate Membership for Libya-registered companies, organisations and independent businesspeople @ LYD 500 per year (zero-rated VAT)

Please note: there is an option on this form which allows you to indicate whether you are applying for membership now or that you would like to discuss membership with one of the LBBC team before submitting your application.

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