Council Members

The Benefits of LBBC Membership


The LBBC benefits immensely from a well-connected leadership and is therefore capable of delivering unusually effective networking.

Larry Killion, Commercial Director  - BHPB



The LBBC promotes business relations and commercial activity between British and Libyan companies and organisations – primarily through the provision of trade and investment initiatives, networking programmes and marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Unlike other organisations, associations and business consultancies, the LBBC has the experience, expertise and in-country contacts to ensure that your commercial objectives have the best possible chance of success. By drawing on a well-established and growing network of partners and associates from both the public and private sector, in Libya and in the UK, the LBBC can guarantee that its members’ interests are represented at the very highest level.

Membership of the LBBC offers you and your company more than just prestige – active participation in our tried and tested programme of events and access to our network of corporate and political contacts will help your business to compete in one of the world’s most challenging and rewarding emerging markets.

Key Benefits

LBBC Membership provides a wide range of benefits. Key services which all of our members enjoy include: (Click on the relevant link for further information)

  • Introductions to business leaders, decision-makers and government officials, as well as potential partners, clients, suppliers and in-country agents.
  • Unique networking opportunities through participation in trade missions, conferences and special events in both the UK and Libya, devised and implemented by the LBBC.
  • Access to staff expertise and assistance addressing specific business-related problems and/or cultural issues.
  • Negotiation of bureaucratic red-tape, including fast-track applications for multi-entry visas.
  • Provision of high-level market intelligence, news, reports and analyses – in the form of business briefings, published bulletins and online/email updates

Council Membership

There are two levels of LBBC membership: Corporate and Council. While all our members benefit from the key services listed above, as an LBBC Council Members you will enjoy a greater level of attention and a higher degree of influence in the following key areas:

Networking Opportunities and Access to Key Business and Political Leaders

Council Members receive prior notification of special networking events attended by Libyan dignitaries, politicians and industry leaders, and preferential allocation for attendance at these events. For example, the LBBC is advised of senior delegations visiting London from Tripoli, often at very short notice. In these circumstances, the schedule will usually preclude the VIPs’ participation in a major event attended by all our members. Instead, we will typically be asked to arrange a special lunch or dinner in their honour to which our Council Members are invited. 

Policy Input and Development of LBBC Events and Activities

Council Members enjoy a closer working relationship with the LBBC Board of Directors. This includes participation in the Council’s decision-making processes with regard to issues and policies which may have a wide-ranging and long-term impact upon the commercial and political relations between Libya and the UK (for more details see What We Do).

Council Membership also means you may be invited to play an active role in developing our programme of events and other activities, including opportunities to help devise and host sector-specific missions, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Marketing Support, Business/Brand Exposure and Sponsorship Opportunities

Council Members also benefit from a higher level of marketing support and brand exposure which raises your profile among potential partners and clients in both the UK and Libya. For example, your company’s logo, profile and contact details appear more prominently on LBBC literature and in all our publicity material; and Council Members receive ‘top billing’ on this website and in the database of LBBC member companies.

Council Members are also given the first opportunity to sponsor LBBC overseas events – a proven way of promoting your company’s products, services and commercial interests to both Libyan decision-makers and to potential clients, customers, partners and suppliers in Libya. It also presents your business in a ‘thought-leadership role’ within your industry and within the international business community as a whole.

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