Business Risk Advisor

Business Risk Advisor

The Libyan people’s political and economic hopes following the 2011 revolution, repeatedly confirmed by several elections over the years that followed, have been frustrated by political failure and armed conflict between rival politicians, regions and militias.

There is no sign of an early resolution to this conflict and things may get worse before they get better. But the country’s tribulations will pass and the Libyan people’s aspirations for a more settled and prosperous future will be within their reach once more. At that stage, Libya will look for goods, services and partnerships with overseas suppliers and, as an oil exporter, it will have the financial resources to pay for its people’s needs.

No-one can predict when stability will return, so it is crucial to monitor developments in-country to ensure that, when it does, LBBC members are ready to resume business.

The LBBC has created this page to provide members and their clients with access to up-to-date information and analyses. The material is supplied by professional risk advisory companies with staff on the ground in Libya.

This is not to say that there is no business to be done in Libya even now. Visible (and no doubt invisible) exports continue, albeit at a modest rate, and some contracts are offered. The risk advisory page provides a valuable resource for members considering responding to these business prospects and the opportunity to consult the companies involved on the conditions affecting the viability and location of the particular opportunities under consideration.

We are sure LBBC members – both experienced Libyan operators and businesses new to the Libyan market – will find the reports listed here (and the more detailed advice available from the respective providers) a valuable input to their business strategies and decision-making capabilities.


GardaWorld .Xplored Risk Analysis and Reporting:

Risk reports for Libya are produced in country and contain the very latest ground-truth information that analyses the current security situation, political, regulatory and cultural challenges. Reports are designed for people with operational reporting requirements and can support staff deployment and movement plans with their up-to-date review of current threat levels or risk in Libya.

For inquiries regarding bespoke reporting please contact our Regional Director for Libya: or visit GARDAWORLD website.

Read the Libya .Xplored latest Libya Report 2 November 2018

Prepared by Risk Analysis Team, Libya

Unity Resources Group

Unity is a leading provider of effective solutions to business, governments and organisations pursuing success in challenging and high risk environments. Our Libya operations and extensive network of reliable local sources provide invaluable insights to clients on successfully navigating challenges in their areas of operations within Libya. Our experienced country management team are able to support clients to enter the country, set up and secure their operations and provide on-going consultation services, so they can focus on their core business and achieve organisational success.

The Unity Country Manager and team in Tripoli are vastly experienced, the CM has over 16 years of operational experience in Libya, our team has a vast understanding of operating environment and key contacts throughout the country. As always Unity intend to work closely with our clients to fulfil their aims in a safe manner given the restricted environment. The assets security resources and policies are aligned to meet the Libyan environment, our aim is also to train and deploy Libyan operators wherever possible.

To discuss our services in more detail, please contact: Kevin
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Janus Global Operations

We continue to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis.

Janus Global Operations Executive Summary – 13.10.2018

The Sudanese Minister of Defence Awad Ibn Ouf said arrangements are underway to establish joint border protection forces with Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. Speaking to the parliament on Wednesday, Ibn Ouf said consultations have gone a long way between the Sudan, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia to form these joint forces in order to achieve a secure neighbourhood, pointing to the successful experience of the joint Sudanese-Chadian border protection force. According to the defence minister, the Sudanese army would establish a joint force with each of the above-mentioned countries separately.


The World Health Organization (WHO) in Libya has sent an emergency medical team to the city of Tawergha for treatment of leishmaniasis in the city. “The WHO has deployed an emergency medical team comprising dermatologists, an obstetrician, a paediatrician and an internal medicine in Tawergha,” the WHO clarified via Facebook, noting that the team will work to treat and control the spread of the leishmaniasis epidemic. For its part, the UN mission said that the team dispatched by the WHO had begun treating the infected persons, noting that work is underway to rehabilitate a local team in order to take over the treating of the 200 confirmed cases in the city.


The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemned the repeated attacks on Al-Aman Bank, Al-Siyahia branch in Tripoli, by an armed group. “The attacks and physical harassment of women and financial extortion, in exchange for banking services, is immoral and illegal,” the mission statement read on Twitter Monday. In an earlier statement last Thursday, the mission pointed out that it had observed recently, illegal use of force and intimidation against private and public institutions in Tripoli, in particular, against Al-Aman Bank of Al-Siyahia branch, and the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company.


The commander of the self-proclaimed army in eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, met with the UK ambassador Frank Baker on Friday in Al-Rajma – east of Benghazi. Baker and Haftar talked about the forthcoming Palermo Conference in Italy and recent developments in the Libyan crisis, the media office of Haftar’s command reported. The meeting came after Haftar had returned from Russia, where he met military officials, including the defence minister. Rome reported Friday that Haftar confirmed his attendance to the conference after the Italian external intelligence chief carried out a flying visit to Moscow on Thursday, Aki stated. The EU said the conference will aim at finding a solution to end the political deadlock in Libya and help boost and support the efforts of the UNSMIL in that regard, in addition to discussing elections and security and economic reforms.


Mohammed El Sallak, the spokesman for the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj, said the government delegation is preparing to go to the southern region and resolve the problems. El Sallak added in the weekly media stakeout on Thursday that there are several meetings being held with service institutions, military and political institutions to devise a comprehensive plan to resolve the issues in the south. He also said that Al-Sirraj was following the latest clashes in Sabratha and ordered the commander of the western military zone to thwart any attempts to destabilize the city. El Sallak added that Al-Sirraj and his delegation’s attendance in Palermo Conference is part of the international efforts to find a solution to the Libyan political crisis.


Turkish president’s special envoy to Libya Emrullah İşler, confirmed that Turkey has a strong desire for the return of Turkish Airlines to the Libyan airports in Tripoli, the eastern region, and the southern region if certain conditions are met. “If the Libyan side takes some steps, then they could contact the management of the Turkish Airlines to resume flights to Libya as soon as possible,” Emrullah told a local Libyan channel.

Libya Weekly Security Summary by Vellichor – 5-11 November 2018

Vellichor Group Limited specialises in delivering integrated, and customisable defence, security and counterterrorism solutions to clients worldwide. Vellichor has combined a team of world-class subject matter experts, an extensive internal & external worldwide industry network and an ability to develop customisable security solutions to mitigate risk in any environment.