Key Sector: Education, Training & Qualifications, Project Management


Alligan supplies a range of services to the education sector in the UK and overseas, with branch offices in Algiers and Tripoli.


Alligan is a specialist provider of services and supplies to the education sector in the UK and internationally. We are a private limited company, formed in 1995. Our main clients are Ministries of Education, local authorities and private companies sponsoring educational establishments. Our key services are education project management (e.g. setting up new schools or vocational centres), education consultancy (e.g. advising on the curriculum, staff performance and recruitment), and education supplies (e.g. designing and supplying the teaching spaces for educational establishments).

Alligan has provided services to a number of clients in overseas markets. Alligan has been working in Libya for more than 5 years. Alligan was engaged to advise on the design of specialist rooms and to supply ‘state of the art’ furniture and equipment to State schools. As part of this initiative, Alligan equipped a number of schools in Sirte, Zliten and Zuwara.

Alligan has worked on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects for Italian petro-chemical company, Eni, and these have included a hi-tech environmental monitoring unit for Zawiyah University and a hospital waste disposal facility for Zawiyah Hospital.

Alligan has established a branch office in central Tripoli and has formally registered “Alligan Libya” as a foreign company and obtained an import licence.

Alligan has also established a branch office in central Algiers and formally registered “Alligan Algérie” as a foreign company with the Algerian authorities.

Alligan has also worked, and is currently working, on education projects in India, Morocco, Pakistan and South Korea.