ATOM Training

Key Sector: Defence, Security


ATOM Training delivers counter-threat (CIED, EOD and SF courses that are informed by exceptional intelligence, designed by dedicated programme developers and delivered by some of the world’s most experienced subject matter experts. In addition, our experts are established instructors with a proven track record in skillfully presenting and communicating their knowledge.


ATOM offer fully customisable training programmes to clients worldwide, providing a progressive learning platform and courses that keep clients informed, equipped and poised to successfully counter threats relevant to their particular situation and environment. Our expertise encompasses all subjects around: Counter Terrorist / Counter Insurgency (COIN) training, Law Enforcement and First Responder training, Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED), Home Made Explosives (HME) Training, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Special Forces EOD/ C-IED courses We deliver courses that vary in scope from foundation courses (for example for participants with limited or no previous exposure to IEDs) to programmes that will help elevate participants to ‘subject matter expert’ status themselves.

Our capability extends beyond training to providing our clients with a range of consultancy services that will help ensure that each element of their counter-threat operations is up to date, cohesive and effective. ATOM Training works to recognised International Standards and has offices in the United Kingdom.

We established our business having identified four key features of exceptional training: Up-to-the minute intelligence-led content, First-class subject matter expertise, Highly skilled instruction, Courses customised to meet precise needs and circumstances. We incorporate all these elements into every course and programme.

We ensure that clients receive a course that is current and relevant by exploiting intelligence derived from enemy tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP). As soon as a terrorist attack or related complex event occurs we reverse engineer the scenario to replicate and build our own devices using locally procured components. This means that client participants develop their skills using the most authentic training aids possible. Our knowledge-management process enables us to update our courses as soon as we receive new intelligence, and thereby we provide ‘up-to-the-minute’ course content.

We use a lifecycle learning management system (LMS) that enables us to efficiently track each participant’s progress, monitoring their completion of and competency with learning objectives. We also continuously review participant feedback to improve, evaluate and update our courses. Our staff comprises of UK and European subject matter experts, all of whom have a wealth of C-IED / COIN and counter-threat experience from either a military or law-enforcement background.

Our senior instructors include former senior instructors of the British Army’s IEDD training centre and other significant SMEs from the counter-threat arena. In addition to their operational experience, our experts are highly skilled instructors and course managers in their own right, which means that clients will receive a course that is not only specialist in content but also professionally delivered.

One of our key strengths is our ability to tailor and design each course to meet the varying needs of our customers. We favor this approach to the ‘off-the-shelf’ training packages offered by other suppliers because we believe that it is important to take into account the following to deliver the right course for each customer: The clients immediate training requirements, The type of equipment that the clients participants (or students) are used to working with, The operational circumstances that they will be working to, The current state of training or experience of the clients participants

Once we have fully understood the client’s requirements and situation, we apply our unique and detailed knowledge of the international terrorist threat situation to create a course that is relevant and effective. We design our course modules with progressive training in mind; we can, therefore, tailor each element to suit the participant’s tempo of learning, from basic and introductory courses to more advanced operational and technically demanding training, including Special Forces work and support.