Eclipse Strategic Security Ltd

Key Sector: Risk Management, Security


Eclipse Strategic Security Ltd is a UK registered security risk management organisation with international reach with offices in UK and Libya.


Formed in growing response to a market demand for security companies that could provide a tailored and measured response to unorthodox threats to organisations, Eclipse prides itself on its ability to deliver ‘business enabling services’.
Since its inception, Eclipse has rapidly established its position as a leading provider of security, risk mitigation and security consultancy services to a broad range of industry, business and NGO organisations.

At the core of Eclipse service provision is a detailed understanding of the client’s business objectives, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the operating environment along with the provision and support of highly skilled and experienced staff. Eclipse works very closely with our clients’ project staff, in a process that provides continuous monitoring of ‘the threat horizon’. This process ensures that all possible measures are taken to minimise security impacts to the project and organisation, in the most cost-effective manner, whilst keeping the client fully informed. In addition to the provision of security services Eclipse provides other ‘Life Support’ and ‘business enabling’ services to enable our clients to conduct their core business.

Eclipse offer the following services to our clients:
• Security Audits and Surveys
• Static Site Security
• Close / Executive Protective Services
• Mitigation of Unlawful Protest
• Threat Analysis and Monitoring
• Cyber Security
• Specialised Project Support
• Surveillance / Counter -Surveillance
• Investigations
• Embedded Security Advisors
• CCTV and Technical Security Measures Design, Implementation and Monitoring
• Training
o C&G Accredited ‘Dealing with Protest’ Course
o Defensive Driver Training
o Introduction to Business Continuity