Inform Tech Plus

Key Sector: ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Security


We help people, communities, cities, and nations prevent, survive, adapt and overcome from shocks and long term stresses.

We achieve this by Assessing, Advising on, Assisting with and Accelerating resilience capacity building through the effective integration of innovative risk mitigation hardware and software, turn key, one stop shop solutions to build effective resilience capacity building which is strong and sufficient to help you bounce back and prosper after future impacts.


We support the ISO TC292 technical committee to review and build security and resilience standards.

Current work is focussed on community / urban resilience and information exchange during disaster.

New standards are now up for consideration and 2019 will see new work begin in areas where we now see urgent need for standardisation to help our communities and cities become more secure and resilient.

We have spent over 5 years trying to help bring forward BS67000 (UK Standard for City Resilience) to life and this has now been launched in 2019.

We now look forward to helping organisations and cities better understand how to turn this guidance into action to make people safer, more secure and most importantly resilient to cope with potential future impacts.