Itkan Law

Key Sector: Consultancy, Legal


Libyan Law firm with regional and international outposts; offering expert advice to global clients and sectors.


Established in 2005, Itkan Law is Libya’s leading boutique law firm. We offer expert legal advice, and a range of professional services, to private and corporate clients operating under the jurisdiction of the State of Libya.
Licensed by the Libyan Bar Association and certified to stand before the Libyan Courts, we successfully manage an extensive portfolio of national and international clients. We operate a specialist Commercial and Civil legal practice with a focus on several industries, including Oil, Construction, Communications, Tax, Banking, and Insurance.

Our head office in Tripoli, Libya, grants us up-to-date local knowledge, immediate access, and frequent availability to serve and represent our Clients on the ground. Our top three senior lawyers alone bring over 60 years experience of in Libyan legal practice to our agile team.

With our Clients’ best interests at heart, our vision is to become one of Libya’s largest corporate partnership law firms by 2025. Our 2021-2025 vision includes four main pillars: becoming Libya’s first truly national full-service law firm; becoming Libya’s first truly digitalized law firm; becoming Libya’s first true legal partnership, ensuring that all of our professionals will have an equity stake in our business; becoming Libya’s most socially responsible law firm by devoting a certain percentage of the team’s time and efforts to providing free legal advice to those who cannot afford it.

Sponsoring the Law Society of Libya

95, 9th Floor, Tripoli Tower, Box 91780
Tripoli, Libya
Tel: +218 21 360 0696