PSM Supplies Ltd

Key Sector: Construction/Engineering, Oil & Gas/Energy
Website: psm


A leading international building, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering enterprise, with a strong involvement in the energy (oil and gas) and industrial sectors.

PSM Suppliers Limited was established in the early 80s and is a leading International Engineering Procurement and Project Management Company, with a strong involvement in the Oil and Gas and Industrial sectors with over five decades of operational experience in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia.
The activities and accumulated expertise of the Company cover the entire spectrum of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management, enabling it to undertake almost every type of project. Competences span the Engineering and Design, Planning, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning, Maintaining and Operating of projects providing, when required, “a total project solution”.


PSM has the capability to undertake and execute an entire Project on an EPC basis, i.e. the complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management. Construction activities are executed entirely by PSM associated Contractors:
• All stages of the EP Project are executed by one single entity;
• Extensive experience and knowledge of the Project;
• Sole Responsibility towards the Client;
• No coordination delay, with one single point of Contact;
• No additional cost and time impact on the Project.