Sail Consulting

Key Sector: Consultancy


Sail offers business consultancy and project management services of an international standard to the various economy sectors in the country. The company has a proven and successful track record working with overseas companies in winning and delivering projects in Libya.

Sail provides logistical and operational support to business partners in Libya and Sail’s contribution more often extends to business development matters. It is more than capable of identifying opportunities, advising on the structuring of offers including costing, participating in presentations to clients and contract negotiations. Post contract award, Sail can help with financial, tax and local employment affairs.

Sail also has the necessary local problem solving skills and cultural know-how to oversee the satisfactory resolution to most of the challenging issues that inadvertently arise throughout the business cycle in Libya.

We offer bona fide overseas companies a transparent and a genuine reality check of doing business in Libya. Something you often do not get from desk market research or at conferences and seminars prompting doing business in Libya. We tell you direct whether your product or service can win you business in Libya and what strategy best to adopt. When you decide to commit to this market, and to show our commitment to you, we may even partner you in the venture.


We are active in the following fields:

Education and Training
SAIL works with international partners to provide education and training solutions for governments, institutions and corporate clients in:
1. Management of Academic and Training Institutions
2. Vocational Training
3. Personal Development
4. Education and Training policy.
5. Curriculum Development
6. International Accreditation

Engineering Services
SAIL is a partner to a top 50 UK engineering and management services company with international expertise in:
1. Infrastructure Consultancy
2. Building Design and Real Estate
3. Construction Management
4. Planning and Environment
5. Engineering and Transport
6. Health and Safety
7. Technology Transfer
8. Oil and gas services

Educational and Technical Supplies
SAIL are agents and representative of several European manufacturers and service providers of educational and technical equipment.
We can supply:
1. Engineering and science laboratories
2. Teaching aids, academic books and software
3. Automated production lines

Real Estate Investment & Services
SAIL has wealth of expertise in real estate investment and has a portfolio which includes residential and commercial properties across Tripoli. The city has seen, probably as in similar cities in the region, a staggering appreciation in real estate value over the past five years. This is expected to continue as the Libyan economy restarts its growth.

Sail offers advice and provides solutions to international companies looking to:
1.Relocate businesses and families
2.Invest in hotels and leisure projects

Management Consultancy
SAIL maintains a network of national and international consultants in the areas of business management, finance, manufacturing, environment and human resources development.

We have offered solutions to government organisations and petrochemical companies in:

1.Organisational design
2.Business planning
3.Management operations
4.Manufacturing processes
5.Human resources development
6.Organisational change

We carry out stringent audits to international standards and provide solutions in line with industry norms. Our propriety software, SailBase, provides a powerful tool for staff profiling and the management of human resources.