Septimius security

Key Sector: Defence, Public Relations, Security, Security & Due Diligence


Septimius uses systems and validation procedures to provide the best analysis to the situation on the ground.

The items analysed are as follows:

  1. Security Situation.
  • Any type of clash between factions.
  • Any movement of military equipment.
  • Any incident is reported, from a car accident up to and including any armed clashes of any kind.
  • Any regulatory changes or issues that may arise.
  • Cultural challenges especially the differences on the ground between the East and West or any cultural challenges.
  • Border crossing status East and West.
  • Airport Status.

2. Political Situation:

  • Analysis of the political movements.
  • Any new verdict or statement made by authorities on the ground. Which may or may not affect our clients. Regardless, all is reported and analysed.

3. Country Guide:

  • This can be issued to clients once requested

Please see the following company profile which provides further details about the services we provide:

Septimius Security – Portfolio – V01


We at SEPTIMIUS SECURITY are committed to providing the highest level of security service enabling our clients to focus on their business objectives. The SEPTIMIUS approach to security is based on the specific threats to your organization – avoiding a one-size fits all approach which can over-burden an organization. Our threat led, integrated approach to security has been developed over years, and is founded on our guiding principle that risk-taking is essential for success. Our experience and proven competence operating within military, government and private security sector guarantees that we go beyond your needs across geographies and security spectrum. Our primary purpose is to provide a quality service delivered on time and in accordance with strict guidelines insuring our client is safe and informed in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

Libya office: Next to the Peacock Compound, Tajora, Tripoli.
Landline: +218 21 711 4727