Vellichor Risk Ltd

Key Sector: Accommodation, Business Intelligence & Risk Advice, Business Services, Consultancy, Education, Training & Qualifications, Health & Safety, Risk Management, Security, Security & Due Diligence


Vellichor Operations Room Tripoli – +218 (0) 91 605 9176

Business Development: Brad Thompson – +49 151 2244 7787

Business Development: Alex Breingan – +49 170 626 6924


Our Company

Vellichor is the result of decades of experience delivering successful security solutions and secure housing in Iraq, Afghanistan and now, Libya.


Vellichor takes pride in ensuring that our client’s personnel and assets are protected countrywide at all times. We do this by utilising only the best manpower and technology to achieve these goals daily. Vellichor has an operations room in Tripoli staffed 24/7 where we monitor clients through PNR, GSM and Satellite tracking, and continually update client management through informative reports.

We are able to take control of your personnel as soon as they leave home, right up until they return.

Our People

Vellichor Risk (Vellichor) is a UK registered LLC with its Headquarters in Gloucester. Vellichor’s core management team have been successfully operating in the Middle East and Africa since 2003.

With innate industry knowledge and successful company philosophy, Vellichor is driven to continue to provide the best solutions to our clients in the Libyan market. Formed in early 2017 the company now has a one-acre secure compound in Tripoli along with a 15 room hotel where we can deliver a turnkey solution for clients from complete housing options to security.

Vellichor carefully selects only the right personnel, with training and experience in fields such as medical, security, risk management and crisis response. We enhance these skills by delivering continuous training programs, and increasing existing expertise.

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