Zahaf & Partners Law Firm

Key Sector: Legal


Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is a full-service independent law firm based in Tripoli, Libya. We specialize in advising multinationals, corporations, and financial institutions and governmental entities on all legal aspects of investing and doing business in Libya.
Our team of 1 partners and 8 fee earners are trained both locally and internationally and are fully conversant in English, Arabic and French.
The firm prides itself on its in-depth understanding of cross-border cultural and business practices and on providing a commercial problem-solving approach to its legal services.
Our sector capability in Libya combines the firm’s in-depth knowledge of the local markets with an understanding of our clients’ businesses. We take a proactive, commercial approach by assembling teams from our practice groups with deep experience in the following sectors:

– Aviation and Defense
– Construction
– Education
– Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
– Heavy Industries
– Information Technology
– Insurance
– Media and Entertainment
– Mining and Metals
– Oil and Gas
– Real Estate and Urban Development
– Telecommunications
– Textiles
– Transport
– Utilities
– Non-governmental organizations.


Our firm is ideally placed to advice on high profile and high value complex transactions and we routinely work on cross-border and international transactions. Our full-service capabilities are supported by five core practice groups:

– Corporate and M&A
– Finance and Projects
– Capital Markets
– Commercial
– Dispute Resolution


Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is in good standing before all competent judicial, administrative and regulatory authorities in Libya.


Dr. Saleh Mohammed Zahaf.

Bachelor of Law – University of Rabat, Morocco, (1978).
International law Diploma – Sorbonne University, Paris, France, (1983).
Master’s degree in international economic law – Sorbonne University, Paris, France, (1984).
Doctorate in economic law – Sorbonne University, Paris, France, (1987).
Worked as a legal adviser for Umma Bank in Libya, from 1979 to 1982.

Worked as Teacher at the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Relations “International Organizations subject”, from 1989 to 1991.
Worked as a lecturer at Faculty of Law “Contracts subject”, University of Tripoli.
Worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Graduate Studies “Contracts subject”, Tripoli, Libya, from 1994 to 2009.
Member of the committee that drafted the Investment Law No. 9 of 2010.
Worked for the Committee of international treaties at the Ministry of foreign affairs.
Worked for the World Trade Organization delegation at the Ministry of Economy.
Established Zahaf & Partners Law Firm in 1990.
Carried out the legal work related to the privatization of Sahara Bank.
Carried out the legal work related to the privatization of Wehda Bank.
Carried out the legal work related to the participation of the Portuguese Bank (Banco Espirito Santos) and Aman Bank.
Carried out the legal work related to the participation made between Libya and Emirates “First Gulf Libyan Bank”.
A brief about some of the companies and personalities that has been represented by Dr. Saleh before all the Libyan courts during the previous period:
1. Libyan Foreign Bank.
2. Man-Made River body and its dispute regarding the dissolution of the Korean company.
3. Several Swiss companies and Swiss detainees who were arrested in Libya, due to a dispute happened between the former regime and the Swiss government.
4. Several foreign companies that operate in Libya.

1- Member of the Libyan Bar Association.
2- Member of the International Organization for the prosecution of war criminals.
3- Member of the Libyan-Tunisian Friendship Association.

Mr. Zekri Ali Zekri.
Bachelor of Law – Ben Ghazi University.
Mr. Zekri has more than 20 years of experience in the field of consultation and litigation especially in the civil and criminal law.
Permitted to represent clients before the Supreme Court in Libya.
Representing Major international companies and overseas clients doing business in Libya before court.

Mr. Mahmud Zahaf.
LLB from England, University of Buckingham (2012), with emphasis in commercial and corporate law.
Worked in a solicitor firm in UK – MS-Legal Solicitors, from 2012 to 2013.
Advising Sahara Bank in Libya on matters related to banking laws and governance policy.
Responsible for the setting up of branch offices and JV companies for foreign companies that want to enter the Libyan market.
Advising a number of international companies regarding Labor law matters.
Advised a major global defense and security Companies business in Libya.
Drafting and reviewing various MOUs, shareholders’ agreements and business plans for various foreign companies in Libya.
Drafting Construction and Cooperation agreements.
Providing legal advices for foreign investors regarding corporate structuring and permitted activities in Libya.
Worked on mergers and acquisitions transactions.
Advised many foreign oil and gas companies operating in Libya concerning various issues they have in the Libyan market and in their dealings with the National Oil Corporation.
Working as a litigation lawyer, and specializes in commercial and civil cases.

Dr. Ali Mohamed Shlndi.
Doctorate in private law -University of Tunis El Manar-Tunisia, (2018).
Master’s degree in Private Law- University of Tarhuna -Libya, (2008).
Cooperating faculty member at the University of Sibratah, and has more than 10 years’ experience in teaching.
Head of Private Law Department of the Zilatan University of Law from 2016 to 2019.
Served as an arbitrator for several disputes.
Assistant private law professor University of Tripoli- University of Mirgab, University of Al Zawya, and the University of Al Jabal Algharbi.
Has conducted numerous researches and legal studies for multiple scientific seminars and magazines in abroad range of subjects relating to different areas of law.
Worked as a legal consultant for the board of directors for Al Bonia Investment and Services Company.
Has provided legal advice pertaining to private and commercial law.

Mr. Fadel Tahir Al-Fathaly.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law – University of Tripoli, (2002).
Worked as the head of legal department of Pepsi Cola (Libya).
Joined Zahaf& Partners Law Firm in 2013.
He is currently working as a Court of Appeal lawyer, and specializes in commercial law and corporate transactions, labor law and civil law.
Advising Sahara Bank on matters related to banking laws and governance policy.
Providing legal advices for foreign investors regarding corporate structuring and permitted activities in Libya.
Represented international oil & gas companies in their labor dispute, brought by employees due to being released after oil production was ceased for several years.
Advised numerous foreign companies on Central Bank of Libya guidelines related to money transfers restrictions.
Represented many foreign construction companies in Libyan courts, for the payment of their invoices, and compensation for damages to their assets due to the Libyan revolution.
Provided tax law advice to foreign companies who have presence in Libya.

Mrs. Soad Ben Musa.
Law Bachelor Degree, Tripoli University, (2001).
Has respectable experience of 20 years in many branches of law focusing on civil law along with criminal law and family law.
Has worked in multiple law firms specializing in compensation cases and traffic cases.
Has previously worked with big companies such as General Electric Company.
Previously worked with Tumi Law Firm in the legal consultancy field for 2 years.
Started at Zahaf & Partners Law Firm in 2011, working in civil litigation field along with Criminal law and Family law.

Mr. Hasan Alniefro.
Law Bachelor Degree, University of Tripoli, (2014).
Master’s degree in Private Law- University of Tripoli -Libya, (2017).
He is currently working as a First Instance Court lawyer, and specializes in commercial law, labor law, aviation law, and civil law.
Providing technical and legal advice, defense memorandums and preparing legal memos.
Drafting construction contracts and subcontracts.
Providing legal advice relating to Maritime Trade Act and liability for deck cargo.
Also provided advices in relation to Health insurance law and Medical liability law.
Has worked on numerous cases relating to FIDIC contracts and the effect of force majeure on such contracts.
Drafting and reviewing employment contracts for employees of foreign companies.
Advised companies as to the procedures of liquidating companies in Libya.
Has experience pertaining to implementing foreign arbitration awards in Libya.

Ms. Rabia Abuhajer.
Law Bachelor Degree – University of Tripoli Libya, (2017).
Has previously worked as a legal associate at Abdou Law Firm.
Conducting legal research in relation to Oil and Gas industry in Libya.
Providing legal advice to the General Electric Company in relation to insurance issues.
She is currently working as a legal associate at our firm.
Provided several legal advice relating to labor law and civil law.
Drafting, reviewing and translating contracts and official documents.