Zallaf Libya

Key Sector: Oil & Gas/Energy


Zallaf is an exploration and production oil and gas entity established in 2013. It is 100% subsidiary company of the NOC to develop fields that have been discovered and appraised but not yet produced, increase oil and gas production, and create sustainable spatial development in production and industrial areas. As Libya holds some of the largest oil reserves in Africa and is currently positioning itself to become a major oil and gas producer again، this represents a great chance for Zallaf to help achieve this NOC National Goal.


Our Vision

Zallaf will act as NOC’s vehicle to develop small and marginal discoveries and fields. NOC also intends for Zallaf to unlock unconventional resources in the Murzuq and Ghadames basins. The company is also expected to develop NOC activities in southern Libya from its base in the city of Sebha.

Sebha-based Zallaf offices will be considering early production facility (EPF) schemes to generate early cashflow from these assets while gaining a better understanding of the reservoir performance and addressing development uncertainties and any legacy risks raised by the previous operators. At the same time, it will be working on preparing full field development plans to be submitted to the NOC for approval.

Safety: We pursue the crucial goal of creating working conditions where we cause no harm to people, environment and assets, in addition to guaranteeing an accident/incident free workplace. Thus ensuring the safety of people, environment and assets.

People: We will attract, develop and retain best team members. We encourage open communication and will show and maintain respect for others.

Respect: We take time to consider and appreciate other people’s points of view and treat communities and the environment with respect.

Integrity: We are honest, fair and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with owners/stakeholders and fellow employees. This is one of our core values in all aspects of our business.

Passion: We inspire others by the passion we demonstrate for our work.

Honesty: We show courage to speak honestly and support others to do the same.

Results: We have bias for results and take initiative to get things done efficiently, creating value for our shareholders.

Quality: We are accountable for our actions and the necessity for exceptional work. We accept nothing less than high quality and efficient performance.

Teamwork: A collaborative environment is highly valued and encouraged. By working effectively together, we can deliver results far beyond our individual capabilities.