The Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah disclosed that Libya had lost 320 million dollars over the shutdown of Al-Feel oilfield.

“A billion dollars could be lost a year if the crisis lingers longer.” Sanallah said.

On the sidelines of the Libyan-Italian Forum, Sanallah said Al-Feel oilfield has been shut since February 23, thus making Libya lose 6 million dollars a day all over security issues and so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard personnel, NOC media office reported.

“The efforts of the oil industry personnel paid off over the recent years and Libya has been lately producing about a million bpd despite lack of security.” Sanallah added.

He also shed light on the plane crash at Sharara oilfield, saying roads are still not secure and blocked since last January “that’s why we had to use planes for supplying the workers with goods and other basic needs.”

70.000 bpd-Al-Feel oilfield was closed after PFG personnel withdrew to press for the payment of their salaries and other demands, with NOC calling for suing those responsible for the shutdown.

Source: Libya Observer