Libyan writer Abdelrazzak Al-Dahesh published an article telling the Tunisian President, Beji Caid Essebsi, that the Libyan Foreign Bank money ($200 million) frozen by Tunisia is being used illicitly to boost Tunisia’s economy.

“The reason why the money is frozen is that a Tunisian crook provided documents to Libyan judiciary proving he owns the money, but Libyan Public Prosecutor now wants the Tunisian man for fraud.” The writer says.

The Libyan writer elaborates about the schemes done by what he called ” the Tunisian crook”, referring to a 2011 fuel deal, which he recovered its money from Libya in full.

He added that despite the fact that only the Libyan judiciary can see to this case, the Tunisian man opened the files of the case asking for the frozen money at the neighbor Tunisian courts.

“The shock here is that the Tunisian courts ruled in the Tunisian crook’s favor and gave him 20 million dollars of Libyan money, instead of 100, despite the fact that Libya’s courts are the only ones that should rule in this case.” Al-Dahesh added.

He said the crook won’t have the money alone, but others from Nidaa Tounes party will share him.

Source: Libyan Express