• Building Business Bridges With Libya

  • Building Business Bridges With Libya

  • Building Business Bridges With Libya

The Libya British Business Council (LBBC) is dedicated solely to promoting bilateral trade between the UK and Libya. Established in 2004, we maintain a neutral stance, abstaining from involvement in political affairs of either nation. Comprising leading UK and Libyan corporations, our membership offers access to trade development initiatives and networking opportunities. With a team including former British Ambassadors to Tripoli and UK-based Libyan professionals, we collaborate with authorities in both countries to support trade and investment. Through fostering relationships and offering unique insights, LBBC positions its members for success in navigating both the Libyan and UK markets.

Membership of the LBBC offers active participation in our programme of events, contact with our network of corporate and political associates and access to the Council’s collective expertise. The LBBC provides a range of services to support its membership and to help promote trade, investment and commercial activity between businesses and business people in Libya and the UK.

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Libyan Business Visa Authorisations

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Doing Business in Libya - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LBBC Business Delegations to Tripoli, Benghazi and Misurata

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Interested in discussing ways in which you or your organisation can participate in future LBBC events? Please contact the events team on events@lbbc.org.uk.

5th Libya Energy Week, co-hosted by the National Oil Corporation of Libya

Event Type: Offline Event Date/Time: 24/09/2024 - 26/09/2024 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

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