Membership Benefits

How can we help you?

Has your company already been active in Libya? Or do you have aspirations to do business there in the future?

Does the situation in Libya mean your business is facing financial or operational problems?

Do you want to ‘hit the ground running’ when the situation in Libya returns to normal?

LBBC Membership helps you get ‘match ready’ and provides a wide range of benefits including:

  • Unique networking opportunities through participation in the LBBC’s programme of events which deliver introductions to high-level Libyan decision-makers, government officials, business representatives and potential partners.
  • Provision of high-level market intelligence, news and analyses in the form of breaking news on the website and links to longer articles, business briefings, exclusive reports and the Director General’s periodic newsletter
  • Negotiation of bureaucratic red-tape and advice meeting regulatory requirements including fast-track applications for business visas.
  • Access to LBBC assistance and advice on addressing common or specific business problems ( see  ‘About the LBBC’).

While all our members benefit from the key services listed above, as an LBBC Council Members you will enjoy a greater level of attention and a higher degree of influence in the following key areas:

  • Council Members’ logos are prominently displayed on the website homepage and they receive principal listing on the Members page, ahead of corporate members.
  • They receive prior notice of special networking events and meetings attended by visiting Libyan industry leaders, politicians and other influential figures.
  • They obtain preferential access to meetings and meals when the number of guests has to be restricted.
  • They are given priority involvement in lobbying meetings with UK officials.
  • They enjoy enhanced opportunities to help devise, host or speak at sector-specific missions and events in the UK.
  • As sponsors of LBBC events and overseas delegations, they obtain a speaking opportunity and their company logo and other details appear prominently on event material.

The LBBC welcomes applications for Council and Corporate Membership. Sole traders and independent business people are offered a discounted rate as are Libyan based members.

For details of membership fees or to join the LBBC today, click on the MEMBERSHIP REQUEST button. Or contact us,  if you would like further information.