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12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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1 Embankment Place

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The LBBC give thanks to Abdul Rahman Alageli, Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House and Tim Eaton, Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House for speaking to the LBBC members able to attend the LBBC Council Lunch on 10 October.  The focus and pitch were just right for our audience and their highly positive feedback registered how much they valued their expertise and insights.

We are indebted to Melanie Butler, Partner of PwC, who kindly hosted the occasion.

As mentioned by Tim Eaton during the discussions, please see a link to his article posted onto the Chatham House website “Libya: Rich in Oil, Leaking Fuel”

Abdul Rahman Alageli, Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House

Abdul Rahman Alageli is an associate fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Programme, based in Tripoli, Libya.

Abdul Rahman began working with the stabilization team of the Libyan Prime Minister’s Office, the Military Council and the Supreme Security Committee in 2011.

He went on to be the national security file coordinator in the Office of the Libyan Prime Minister, and was also rapporteur then deputy head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Border Security, and a member of the Libyan government’s National Security Coordination Team until 2015.

He was also a non-resident fellow at the Rafik Hariri Centre for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council from 2015 to 2017.

He is a founder of the Libyan Youth Forum, one of the largest and earliest youth organizations created during 2011, as well as being a founding member of the Libyan Experts Forum and the World Economic Forums Global Shapers Hub in Tripoli.

Abdul Rahman is a masters graduate with distinction and a fellow from the Department of War Studies in King’s College London. He holds the Associateship of King’s College (AKC) Award in Philosophy and Theology, and an undergraduate degree in economics and international business.


Tim Eaton, Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House

Tim Eaton is a research fellow with Chatham House’s MENA Programme. His research focuses on the political economy of the Libyan conflict.

In 2018, he authored a report on the development of Libya’s war economy which illustrates how economic activities have become increasingly connected to violence.

Previously, he managed Chatham House’s research on the Syrian conflict.

Prior to joining Chatham House, he worked for BBC Media Action, BBC’s international development charity, on projects in Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. In Libya, Tim helped to set up and manage BBC Media Action’s bureau from 2013 until 2014.

He is a regular contributor to the media, having written for the Washington Post, BBC, Newsweek, CNN, War on the Rocks and the New Statesman, among others.

Tim was awarded the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies Departmental Scholarship to undertake his MA in Middle East politics at Exeter University. He also holds a BA in history from Nottingham University and a diploma in Arabic from SOAS.

Areas of expertise

  • War economies in the Middle East and North Africa
  • The Libyan conflict
  • The Syria crisis and its impact on neighbouring states
  • Media in the Middle East and North Africa