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Andy Ward’s comprehensive presentation was well received by participants and the discussion that followed focussed particularly on his advice on the importance of forming relationships with preferred partners in Libya.  Participants asked for advice on how to identify Libyan partners and Robin Lamb confirmed that this was an area where the LBBC and, he expected, the DIT team in Tunis would wish to help.  He noted that each organisation had Libyan colleagues based in Tripoli: Omran Abusahmin is the LBBC Consultant there and Alaeddin Yousef is the DIT’s Trade Adviser.  Moreover, a number of members already had established customers and partners in the sector in country and we could explore whether they would be willing to share the relevant information.  We would also reach out to existing healthcare sector contacts in Libya who had, in several cases, registered to participate in the webinar but might not have been able to do so because of power cuts or other reasons.

Additional, helpful suggestions were made by Sami Zaptia (Libya Herald) and Dr Nagi Barakat (former Libyan Minister of Health).   They suggested that the LBBC seek leads from the Libyan Businessmen’s Council, Chambers of Commerce, Libya’s newly empowered Municipalities and the Ministry of Health’s international organisations department.    They pointed out that the Medical Supply Organisation (MSO – which, like the Ministry of Health, would have been invited to the planned healthcare conference had it not been frustrated by the Covid-109 pandemic) and individual hospitals were potential customers.  And some of the UK’s Royal Colleges had already established partnerships with the Libyan education authorities and hospitals to deliver e-learning programmes in healthcare.

As requested on the webinar please see the following contact details:

Alaeddin Yousef, Trade Advisor, DIT:

Omran Abusahmin, LBBC Local Consultant,