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3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

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When: Apr 27, 2020 03:00 PM UK Time
Topic: LBBC Webinar with HM Ambassador Nick Hopton

The LBBC ran its first successful webinar on 27 May with over 60 LBBC members taking part. LBBC Chairman Sir Vincent Fean chaired the event which featured HM Ambassador Nick Hopton who briefed participants, and answered questions, on the situation in Libya. In addition to political, military, economic and international aspects of this year’s developments in Libya, Ambassador Hopton touched on the Covid-19 pandemic and the bilateral relationship, including trade and the Central Bank’s opening up of letters of credit for essential goods such as food and medicines. In this context, he noted that healthcare products represented 22% of UK exports to Libya in 2019 – which puts a useful perspective on the next webinar in the LBBC series, on 18 May, when the topic will be healthcare.
The recording of the webinar is available to LBBC members.
The link to access the recording is below. Please note this recording is not to be shared and is available to LBBC members only.

Meeting Recording: