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11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Type: Online Event

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The Webinar lasted over an hour and was recorded for those LBBC members unable to join this event.  The recording is on demand and please click this link to request access.  


The LBBC would like to thank Husni Husni Bey, a member and friend of the LBBC for his time and his insights into the political and economic situation in Libya.

After the briefing the following questions were asked by participants during the Q&A part of the event.

  • If Libya is split into two halves, do you think NOC will be split into divisions? Paul Denny, SKS Group
  • How do you assess the prospects for re-opening the major oil export terminals? Is it possible to envisage a credible political pathway that would allow the terminals to re-open? Roger Nunn, Nunn Associates
  • What are the prospects of the Central Bank in Tripoli being united with the CBL in Benghazi and uniting the economic structures in the west and east?  Peter Millett, LBBC
  • You mentioned investment in energy generation. Do you see Libya having a future as a major green electricity generator? Exporting to Europe? Private sector or Government funded? Jonathan Dart, Dart Consulting
  • You speak about “inclusivity” at the start of your note. What are the stakes of this happening in your opinion with future talks and plans for a new government/way forward for Libya? Boshra El-Habti, Bank ABC
  • Do you think folding DfID into the FCO will see the UK take some small initiatives in Libya in the coming years? Nigel Phillips, Midrex UK Ltd
  • Is a modern state viable without the eradication of tribal politics which is dominant in some areas of Libya? Hakim Naas, NASA Data Systems

Webinar Speaker:

Husni Ibrahim Husni Bey (Chairman @HB Group)

Husni Husni Bey is a Libyan investor and Chairman of HB Group Holding, a family holding with interest in: logistics, manufacturing, consumer goods distribution, commodity trading, banking, financial services, insurance, real estate development, hospitality and travel.

HB Group is a Council member of the LBBC and Husni Husni Bey has joined several of our missions to Malta and latterly to Tunis, and is a leading, outspoken Libyan entrepreneur.