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The next LBBC Webinar is with Jason Pack and will take place on 19 October at 5pm UK time.

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As many of you will know, Jason is a  President of Libya-Analysis LLC and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC. He last spoke to us on September 5th, 2018 when he briefed us on the economic drivers of the civil wars in Libya and how the UK could leverage its financial and diplomatic expertise to try to promote a comprehensive reform of the Libya economy. Following up on that briefing he has produced studies entitled “It’s the Economy Stupid: How Libya’s Civil War Is Rooted in Its Economic Structures,” IAI (Rome), IAI Papers 19, 17 September 19, and “An International Financial Commission is Libya’s Last Hope,” Middle East Institute, January 2020.

This time he will be speaking about American engagement in Libya under the Trump administration and especially its bifurcation into two coherent strands — one run by Trump Administration appointees and aligning more with the UAE and another run by professional civil servants in the Departments of State and Defense and focused more on combating Russian incursions. He puts forth this broad argument in a recent piece for Foreign Policy, “The Israel-UAE Deal Won’t Bring Peace, but It Will Prolong the War in Libya”. In his talk to LBBC, he will expand on this general idea relative to current Libyan developments and mediation attempts focusing on the business implications of November’s US elections.  He will also then speculate about how he sees the Libyan commercial scene evolving in 2021 for Anglo-American companies if oil prices remain low or the blockade continues and how his consulting companies products and services might be useful for our membership to help them mitigate risks and understand opportunities.

Jason is always an energetic, entertaining, and highly informed speaker, I hope you will enjoy and benefit from his insights.