We always welcome the opportunity to celebrate LBBC Members’ successes in Libya and are delighted to share UK Solar Power’s achievements since 2019 in bringing solar energy to many parts of the country. Their success is a tribute to the suitability of their products to a range of contemporary Libyan needs and to their own energy in identifying clients and targeted marketing of their products, Here is a glimpse into the business they have won in Libya:

Healthcare and Medical Facilities: they have brought sustainable energy generation to healthcare and medical facilities in Bent Baya Village’s Hospital Project and the Blood Bank Hospital in Qatroun – providing reliable power and promoting environmental sustainability
Public Infrastructure: Solar powered street lights in the Gharyan Municipality show the potential for renewable energy in public infrastructure.
Installing autonomous power generation in a municipality: The installation of 1000 solar units in Murzuq points the way towards sustainable development and regional energy independence.
Renewable power projects: The Jumhouria Bank Project, MedSky Airlines Project and the installation of solar systems at private homes helps people harness clean and renewable energy to power their operations and homes and supports institutions in their transition towards renewable energy solutions.

UK Solar Power is one of the world’s top 5 renewable energy companies, operating across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It has an expanding presence in Libya with branches in Tobruk and Qatroun, and the construction of a Benghazi branch underway, The company also runs training sessions and workshops empowering Libyan engineers and technicians, by enhancing their renewable energy expertise, and fostering collaboration within the industry in Libya.

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