The LBBC has pleasure in welcoming the appointment of Damien Moore MP as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Libya and Tunisia.  We look forward to working with him on building the bilateral UK/Libya business relationship to the benefit of both countries’ economies and the prosperity of their peoples.

It is particularly encouraging that Mr Moore has a background in business, having worked in the UK retail sector before starting his political career.  A member of the Conservative Party, he served as a Councillor on Preston City Council from 2010 until he was elected MP for Southport in 2017.  He has also demonstrated a keen interest in North Africa through his chairmanship of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Tunisia.

The Chairman and members of the Board look forward to an early meeting to welcome him to his new role and to set out our views on the importance of the U.K. business relationship with Libya and the leading role of the LBBC. Mr Moore’s ready access to the Prime Minister and Cabinet will be invaluable in focusing Government attention on creating the right environment for British business with Libya.