New members of the LBBC – NAME Logistics are based in Tunisia and are a UK registered company providing logistic solutions for all freight inquiries from the UK and EU to Libya.

Their representatives in EU, MENA region and Egypt arrange multimodal transport to Benghazi and Tripoli.

They are currently moving all air cargo requirements UK/EU to Libya via AMM (Jordan) and CAI (Egypt) to Libya by air.  Transit delivery time from departure is 4 working days.

These are regular weekly flights.

They are using CAI on transit, trucking to BEN (Benghazi) and MRA (Misurata) by road, transit delivery time since arrival CAI , 4 days to BEN , 6 days to MRA.

Special cargo (temp controlled , DG, perishable) are subjected per case.

Upon request.

For any further information; please email/ call:

What’s up: +218 924710225

Mobile : +216 56717019