Ahmed Ben Halim

Ahmed is the Founder and Chairman of Libya Holdings Group Ltd. (LHG).  Ahmed has over 35 years’ experience in Principal Investments, Corporate Finance and Asset Management.  Ahmed serves as chairman of Joint Libyan Cement Company (JLCC) which is the holding company for the largest cement business in Libya, with factories in Benghazi, Hawari and Al Fattiah.  It is a portfolio company of LHG in partnership with the Libyan government Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF).  He is also Chairman of the Libya Oil Rigs and Services Company (LORASCO), which specialises in oil services and drilling.  In the last two years LHG have set up a joint venture with Terminal Investments Limited (TIL) to run Port Operations in Misurata.  LHG has also launched Ghibli limited a company delivering high quality Manpower services to companies in Libya.

LHG was established to pursue investment opportunities in Libya after the 2011 revolution.  To date the firm has made strategic investments in several industry sectors including oil and gas, power generation and cement.  In addition to its direct investment activities LHG has entered into several strategic partnership with large international companies to create operating businesses in Libya.  LHG provides its partners with local knowledge, a network of contacts, operational support and seed capital.