Assad Riyany

Head of Libyan Business at Bank ABC

Assad Riyany is currently the head of Libyan business at Bank ABC Europe based in London and heads a team responsible for Bank ABC’s Libyan relationships including, Banks, Corporate and non-Banking Institutions covering all wholesale banking products with a particular focus on Trade and Transaction Banking.  Assad started with Bank ABC in the Treasury Department in a number of roles culminating in being appointed as Head of Treasury Sales for ABC international Bank (European subsidiary of Bank ABC, Bahrain) where he managed the treasury relationships of the European units. In 2016 he was appointed as the head of the newly created Libyan business unit. He has extensive knowledge of Libyan market, its financial institutions and corporates through his work covering Libyan for more than 15 years, as well as his position as holding a board membership of Libya’s biggest commercial bank for approximately 10 years.

In his capacity as the head of Bank ABC Libyan business he stays very close to all market developments through his network of contacts in the FI and corporate sectors (both Public and private) and regular travels to Libya. Assad will be able to share his experiences and contribute pro-actively to the LBBC and the important task of connecting UK with Libya to promote trade and business relations between the two countries.

Assad joined the LBBC Board as a Director in May 2022.