The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, said he was going to ask the Security Council to amend the Action Plan in Libya.

Salame told 218 TV Channel that he will be straightforward in his briefing at the UN Security Council, adding that he will tell the country members of the hindrances and violators.

“There is only one plan for Libya. The one approved by the UN Security Council.” Salame added.

“UNSMIL will go to Rome Conference if it was invited as scheduled in November.” He indicated, saying they cannot prevent any member country from proposing a solution to end Libya’s crisis.

He added that the UNSMIL knows who the violators of Tripoli ceasefire are and who the ones risking civilians’ lives are, saying the ceasefire must prevail so the crisis can end.

“A list of sanctions for certain names will be sent to the UN Security Council regarding Tripoli.” He remarked, saying he UNSMIL worked with the Presidential Council (PC) on the security measures and release of prisoners from Mitiga prison, yet the PC delayed the action.

“I don’t want to see Tripoli destroyed and civilians killed and if heavy weapons were used like Tuesday, I will ask the Security Council to sanction the violators.” Salame added.

 in Tripoli on Tuesday after a two-week ceasefire that saw the clashes zone see some relative calm.

Source: Libya Observer