What We Do

What We Do

Meeting people and building the relationships which lead to trade and investment opportunities is a vital part of all business development, but perhaps nowhere more so than in a country and a market like Libya.

Libyans will do business with people they know and trust. Those who are new to the market or unknown to the Libyan decision maker will start behind their more well-established competitors.

The LBBC’s activities are geared towards helping our members initiate and develop high-value relationships with the individuals and organisations they need to know in order to win business in Libya.

Membership of the LBBC offers active participation in our programme of events, contact with our network of corporate and political associates, and access to the Council’s collective expertise.

The LBBC is unique among British trade associations and business consultancies in its experience, expertise and in-country contacts. It is well served by a Board of Directors with extensive first-hand knowledge of doing business in Libya and with Libyans.

By acting as an influential and informed advocacy group on behalf of UK business in Libya – in dialogue with the British Government, the Libyan authorities, and the Libyan private sector – the LBBC is in an unparalleled position to help our members meet their business objectives.

To learn more about the LBBC and the services we provide to our members, please consult the Services page of this website.