Zulal Water Technology (ZWT) are pleased to announce the deployment of Fiberspar Spoolable LinePipe in Wafa Field, Libya for Mellitah Oil and Gas, B.V.
On 27th January, 2022, ZWT completed the deployment of a total 10,664 meters of FS LP 6” 750 (X) Fiber-Reinforced Spoolable LinePipe for 3 wells, which include Oil Wells A-46, A-58 and A-60, at Wafa Field. The whole installation and hydrotesting was accomplished with thorough supervision of NOV Certified Fiberspar Installers, and supportive management from ZWT.
The installation was extremely fast and efficient, despite the rocky terrain presented its limitations, challenged with extreme cold temperatures of 0°C in the mornings. Thanks to NOV Fiberspar Spoolable technology, the small-numbered manpower was able to accomplish the deployment with the use of basic hand tools and minimal equipment.
The exciting theme was that a large number of welding joints were eliminated including all welding, sandblasting, x-ray inspections and heavy equipment needs, had a steel pipeline been used. This gave a huge advantage over steel pipelines that pose corrosion-related issues; no longer need for chemical injection for treatment nor cathodic protections, repair and maintenance costs. Fiberspar LinePipe eliminated all these unnecessary costs.

Field Manager Wafa, Mellitah Oil and Gas said: “Congratulations to Zulal and Mellitah teams on successfully completing the installations. We are looking forward that these new RTP pipeline will serve the field with huge potential installations, and we look forward to seeing Zulal on future projects in Wafa Field and other locations.”
Managing Director, ZWT said: “We are glad to have joined hands with NOV Fiber Glass Systems in serving our Libyan clients. NOV has the best products, technical expertise and highly qualified professionals in the market to cater the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.”

ZWT is the sole distributor for NOV Fiber Glass Systems composite products in Libya. ZWT have recently installed Fiberspar Spoolable LinePipe for other fields in the country. ZWT are a well-experienced team who have installed more than 150 plants, over the past three decades; and are Libya’s leading provider of turnkey water treatment solutions, sewage treatment modules, CST tanks and pre-fab buildings.

2022 ZULAL FIBERSPAR Announcement for Mellitah Oil Gas pipeline WAFA Field