Business Visas

Business Visas

The LBBC is able to obtain VISA AUTHORISATIONS from Libya for the following visa categories:
  • Single-entry (30 days)
  • Multiple-entry (THREE months)
For further information, including details of our fees for this service, please contact Susie Davies:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7788 7935

Below are the visa requirements checklist, details of the respective fees, and the address of the Libyan Embassy in London – you can download the application form here.

Once a visa has been authorised, you will need to take your passport to the Libyan Consulate with a completed visa form and the information below in order for the visa to be issued.

Please note, you DO NOT need to attend the Consulate yourself – someone, such as a courier or agent, can do so on your behalf as long as they have the correct documentation.

The Libyan Consulate, London – Visa Services:
61-62 Ennismore Gardens,
London SW7 1NH
Tel: 020 3 006 9890

VISA Requirements

  • Valid PASSPORT
  • Completed application FORM
  • Processing FEE (cash only) paid in advance
  • Two recent passport PHOTOS
  • Visa AUTHORISATION (supplied by the LBBC)
  • LETTER from employer

Consulate fees for VISAs

 Type  Fees
 Single Entry Business Visa  £175 (£250 for same day service)
 Multiple Entry Visa  £300 (£350 for same day service)


Please take into account any consular closings that could impact how much time you will need to get your travel documents processed and returned to you prior to your trip.

The Consulate in London is closed every Friday and is open for visas open Monday to Thursday for from 10:00 till 14:00