Libyan Business in the UK

The LBBC can provide letters of support to assist member companies seeking UK visas for Libyan business visitors.  A letter of support is for use as part of a visa application and needs to accompany, not follow, the application.  This service is only available to LBBC Members and their associates.

In order to provide a letter of support, the LBBC will need the following information:

  • Passport details page of applicant
  • Date of visit
  • Purpose of visit

The LBBC can also provide support once the application has been made.  It will then need the following additional information:

  • GWF (Global Web Form) number
  • Date of interview
  • Location of interview

This information is sent to the British Embassy.

Please note that while the LBBC can support the visa application process, the LBBC are not involved in the approval process which is conducted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).