A list of the Specialised Exhibitions for the year 2021 in Tripoli Libya.


No Name of Exhibition Organiser Date
1 The International Exhibition for Construction. International Company for fairs and Conferences 28/06 -01/7
2 The Third Conference and Exhibition of Insurance & Banks. Wast Al Behar Company for Organising Exhibitions. 07-08 July
3 Exhibition of Electronic Commerce. Libya Logistics Company for Organising Exhibitions . 01-03 Aug
4 Tripoli International Fair. General Board of Fairs . 04-08 Sep
5 The sixth Libya Exhibition for Small & Medium projects. Sahker Company for Organising Exhibitions . 21-24 Sep
6 Libya Fair . African Tigers Company for Organising Exhibitions . 04-07 Oct
7 The Third Libya Fair for Food and Drink. International Company for Fairs and Conferences. 25-28 Oct
8 The Ninth Exhibition for Telecommunication & Information Technology. Waha Company for Organising Exhibitions. 09-11 Nov
9 The Fourth Libya Exhibition for Healthcare. Waha Company for Organising Exhibitions. 13-15 Dec

The Maltese Embassy is bringing a trade mission to Libya to meet with its Libyan counterparts from the private and public sectors at Corinthian Hotel, it is a two-day event 29-30 Jun 2021.