Mr Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation of Libya, officially opened Murzuq Oil Services Limited, in London, on Monday 20th September 2021.
Murzuq Oil Services Ltd (MOSL) is a business services company incorporated in the UK by the National Oil Corporation of Libya. It’s prime focus is to create value for petroleum and natural gas extraction businesses by providing support to enable them to improve their business processes and corporate performance.
MOSLs services includes Consultancy Services, Market Research & Studies and Business Services. Strategic Planning, Business Development, Engineering and Technical Staff and Support Services will be supplied by its Consultancy Services Division. The provision of market intelligence is undertaken by its Market Research and Studies domain and the company will also offer value for the NOC Supply Chain.
MOSL will add value for the NOC and its affiliates by collaborating with UK companies, including leading international Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractors, to deliver projects across the whole project lifecycle in Libya and ultimately globally. NOC has ambitious targets of expanding its oil production capacity beyond 2mbopd and MOSL will assist it in this aim. MOSL is acting as the overseas arm of the NOC choosing London as its base for MOSL. This London location provides MOSL with a hub for the talent in the UK of engineering and consulting companies and the excellent technologies which will support NOC and MOSL meeting its growth plans. MOSL will also support NOC and affiliates in providing training and development for their personnel.
Mr Sanalla was also delighted to meet with Lord Grimstone of Boscobel Kt, Minister for Investment at the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Mr Sanalla and Lord Grimstone discussed MOSLs and the NOCs exciting plans for development of Libyan onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities and future plans for renewable energies, focusing closely on meeting carbon reduction targets.
Mr Sanalla said “We are very proud to launch MOSL to assist NOC and our affiliates in meeting our strategic objectives. We see MOSL as an excellent opportunity to collaborate with UK companies in providing us with robust solutions to future proof our business. We are also grateful to the Libyan British Business Council (LBBC) for its on-going support in driving our businesses forward.”
The event was attend by the charge d’affaires of the Libyan embassy in London, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Al-Koni, the board members of the NOC, Mr. Abulgasem Shengair and Mr. Elamari Mohamed Elamari, some of the Chairmen of oil Companies and Senior advisors and Specilist from the NOC and Murzuq oil services.