The Libyan British Business Council is a membership body committed solely to promoting Libyan/British trade and investment.

We value highly our relationship with Libya’s National Oil Corporation under the leadership of Chairman Mustafa Sanalla and his team. The NOC is the wealth creator for the entire Libyan people, in the East, West and South. The increased revenues from enhanced oil and gas production are essential to Libya’s economic revival and social cohesion.

The NOC has long been and remains both inclusive and independent, focusing on its essential core task across Libya, from Mabruk Oil in the West to the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) in the East. The efficiency of the sole legitimate NOC is outstanding. Since May 2014 we have admired the exceptional achievements of Chairman Sanalla and his management team in rebuilding oil and gas production, and their remarkable resilience in meeting multiple challenges to grow and develop. We condemn as being against the Libyan national interest any attempts to disrupt the NOC’s clear strategy being implemented for the common good.

We respect the NOC’s success in restoring and increasing oil and gas production, and strongly support NOC efforts to increase British and international investment in Libya’s energy sector, to mutual benefit. We will do everything in our power to encourage increased foreign investment, in fulfilment of NOC objectives. To that end we will facilitate Chairman Mustafa Sanalla’s access to British Government Ministers, through the good offices of our Prime Minister’s  Trade Envoy to Libya, Sir Henry Bellingham MP.

We welcome the decision of the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Ibrahim Jadhran. Sadly, Jadhran is not alone in attempting to use or threaten force with the aim of dividing and weakening  the NOC for partisan reasons of personal gain. Such criminal attempts go  directly against the interests of the state of Libya and her people, so we condemn utterly the threat or use of force against the NOC by any armed groups. They must be opposed by all right-minded Libyans and by the international community, including civil society and international business bodies.

As we said in September, we were horrified by the appalling murderous attack on the NOC offices in Tripoli, and deeply saddened by the deaths and casualties which were suffered. The LBBC was pleased to play its part in facilitating the admission to the UK for urgent medical treatment of one of the wounded staff, whom Chairman Sanalla has visited in London. We condemn unreservedly all assaults and threats against NOC personnel in any part of Libya. Such criminal actions have no place in the tolerant society which Libya is striving to create, with the NOC in the vanguard.

The LBBC Tunis conference in October gave us a further opportunity to demonstrate our solidarity with the NOC in its successful efforts to develop the Libyan economy. We are proud of the joint Statement of Intent signed by Chairman Mustafa Sanalla and the Chairman of the LBBC on 23 October, and will work to deliver on its commitments.  The LBBC remains a steadfast partner and friend to Libya and to the NOC, which is a beacon of hope for the Libyan people in turbulent times. We pledge to maintain and strengthen that support in 2019 and beyond.

At the dawn of a new year, we wish renewed hope, health, happiness and prosperity to the good people of Libya, and particularly to the dedicated, highly professional team in the National Oil Corporation and its operating companies.


Sir Vincent Fean – Chairman, Libyan British Business Council

Oliver Miles – Deputy Chairman, Libyan British Business Council

Robert Gibbons – Deputy Chairman, Libyan British Business Council

December 2018